Geographical Location and Land Area

The municipality of Cainta is one of the fourteen municipalities of the province of Rizal which is found east of Metro Manila. Cainta is Located in the Western confines of Rizal province with the grids 14°31’28” to 14°38’38.5” north latitude and 121°05’36” to 121°09’08” east longitude. It shares boundaries with Marikina in the north, Antipolo in the east and Taytay in the south. The municipality is sited to the east of Pasig City and to the north of Laguna Lake.

The municipality belongs to the first district of Cainta along with Angono, Antipolo, Binangonan and Taytay. Among all the municipalities of Rizal,Cainta has at present the smallest land area among the fourteen with only 1,019 hectares based on the National Statistics Office. Cainta is currently entangled in a boundary dispute battle in court involving the municipalities of Antipolo,Taytay and Pasig City. Cainta is trying to reclaim a total land area of 4,299 hectares.

However, the total land area used in this volume is the present land area being administratively governed the by the local government of Cainta and the disputed areas since the base map provided by the  Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator was the Land Use Map of 1987 with a land area of 4,299.


Cainta is physically closest to the provincial seat of government, Pasig City, a former municipality of Rizal, being 10 kilometers away. It is accessible from various points in Metro Manila through the Ortigas ExtensionAvenue, Felix Avenue and Sumulong Highway.

Political Subdivision

Cainta is one of the municipalities in the Province of Rizal.  It is composed of seven ( 7 ) Barangays.  The strategic location of the Municipality  is ideal for investment. But it also  vulnerable to land disputes with neighboring cities. With the complex concerns that the Municipal Government has to grapple with, its organizational structure has expanded from the minimum prescription of the Local Code to the creation of the specific offices, that would address particular needs.


The 7 Barangays of Cainta


BARANGAY SAN ANDRES, the most populous barangay, is locate at the eastern side of the municipality and bounded by Barangay Sto.Domingo in the north, San Juan in the east and Pasig in the south.

BARANGAY STO.DOMINGO is the second largest barangay  in term of land area. It is bounded by Barangays San Isidro in the north, San, Andres in the south, and portion Barangay Sto. Niño and Sta. Rosa in the east.

BARANGAY SAN JUAN is located at the eastern side of Cainta. It is separated from Barangay Sto Niño, San. Andres and San Roque by the Cainta River.Barangay

BARANGAY SAN ISIDRO has the largest land area and is the third most populous barangay. It is situated in the northern part bounded by the city of Antipolo in the east, Marikina City in the north, and Pasig City in the south

BARANGAY SAN ROQUE is the least populous Barangay.

BARANGAY STO.NINO is the second smallest Barangay with a land area of 41.14 hectares.

BARANGAY STA.ROSA is the smallest with a land area of only 2.77 hectares.





Barangay San Andres

Barangay San Isidro**

Barangay San Juan**

Barangay San Roque

Barangay Sta Rosa

Barangay Sto.Niño

Barangay Sto Domingo**

**areas where disputed territories are located


 LAND AREA (in hectares)