Economic Characteristics

Cainta is situated at the doorstep of the CALABARZON region which stands as perfect heaven for investments. Its economic turn – about from agricultural town to a first class municipality is propelled by the fast pace completion of various infrastructure projects. It is a home of multinational companies such as Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, BF Metals, Monde M.Y. San Corporation and others.

Today Cainta has a robust economy as evidenced by several commercial and industrial establishment  that have sprouted. Cainta is the richest municipal in the province and the second ranking in the country after Cabuyao, Laguna with respect to Income Revenue growth (base on 2007 COA Report.) The town continues to attract businesses because of its proximity to Manila and the town’s burgeoning population which mostly  consists of hard-working and hospitable people. The  early part of the 21st century witnessed the founding of numerous manufacturing  firms, including Monde  M.Y San Corporation, one of the nation’s leading biscuit manufacturers and BF Construction Philippines

Built-up Area

With the continuous expansion of Metro Manila, the city is now included in the Manila built up area which reaches Cardona in its Westernmost part.

Conversion To Cityhood

In  late 2003, a resolution was unanimously approved for Cainta’s cityhood bid. On that same year, on its annual fiesta, the Municipality had its theme “Cainta: Lungsod 2004”, promoting its bid for cityhood. But on the contrary, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Rizal denied the resolution stating that  “ it must resolve first its boundary disputes with Pasig City, Antipolo City  and Taytay.”

However, in January, 2010, current Rizal Governor Casimiro “Jun”  Ynares III now pushes the cityhood of Cainta and Taytay,  due to the over abundance of jobs, amenities and its people.


The restored Church of Cainta blessed on February 25, 1968. Our Lady of Light Parish-   standing firmly as one of the most beautiful and oldest churches in the province, it is erected upon the directives of Fr.Gaspar Marco, S.J in 1707 and was finished by Fr. Joaquin Sanchez in 1715. Upon its elevation into a Parish in 1760, this church is renovated many times because of heavy rains and eathquakes. In 1889, this church was destroyed during the Filipino-American war leaving only the adobe wall surviving a mural depicting the patroness of the town, painted by national artist Fernando Amorsolo, has placed the image ravage during the war. This image is cuurently placed on the left side portion of the church’s main altar.

On 1966, a reconstruction of the church emerged upon the initiative of Cardinal Rufino Jiao Santos. It was solemnly blessed on February 25, 1968. On December 1, 2007, during the official town fiesta, a Historical Marker was installed by the National Historical Institute  on its  façade,coinciding with the celebration of the third centenary of the construction of church

Sta. Lucia East Grandmall

The premier mall of Cainta, hence, the whole province as well. This mall provides easy shopping galore with exquisite fun through its technologies amenities.

Robinson’s Place Cainta –   Located at the heart of Junction.

Cainta Junction

A major intersection, adjoining the Metropolitan Highways (Imelda Avenue at the North, A Bonifacio  Avenue to the South, and Ortigas Avenue on its East and West Bounds). The busiest and  critical point, it connects Metro Manila and the rest of the Rizal province.

The Cainta Municipal Hall

When the old municipal building  (located at the current  Town Plaza ) was destroyed by a fire,  a new one  was   built at a   lot  in   Rosepack Subdivisionit was finished in 1995.

Hunters ROTC Monument

Located at Brgy. San Juan, this place is a  memorial for those who bravely faced the  Occupation Authorities during the World War II.

Valley Golf and Country Club

One of the well-known golf  courses in the province of  Rizal aside fron Eastridge in Binangonan, Rizal.

Liwasang Bayan (Town Plaza)

Is located at the Poblacion (town proper) .It was the former site of the Old Municipal  Hall destroyed in 1995.

One Arena Sports Center

It is the former JAICA Gym, newly renovated basketball stadium and an olympic size swimming pool located at Hunters ROTC.

Cainta People Center

Peoples auditorium located inside the municipal ground in front of the Cainta Municipal Hall.

Puregold Supermarket Junction

SM Hypermart – at Felix Avenue San Isidro

CK Mall – at Ortiga’s Ave. Extension

Garden Of Peace Cemetery – at Brgy.San.Roque

Cainta Public Cemetery

The Cainta Public Cemetery is a newly located public cemetery situated at Ortigas Avenue Ext. Barangay San Juan near Valley Golf Subdivision, It has expanded its services through converting the allotted building for the columbarium to a mortuary chapel to accommodate the wake of the constituents that does not have spaces in their home. Another expansion is the construction of the slots of bone crypts of the so called ossuary.

Kinds of Business

Considered as one of the commercial and industrial centers in the province, numerous industries and commercial establishments have followed the forst wave of industries which located in Cainta two decades ago.

Industrial operations are those akin to manufacturing, mining and quarrying activities as per HLURB guidelines. As of March, there are about 6,525 establishments contributing to the economic development of Cainta. However, taxes wise, industrial firms in the areas have  indeed enriched the coffers of Cainta, making Cainta the top revenue earner in the whole province in terms of local taxes.

If the lifeblood of Cainta’s entire economy is commerce, then the backbone of the municipality’s commercial sector is retail trade.”


Retail trade is defined as the resale of new or second-hand/used goods, either on consignment or commission basis, to the general public.This includes but is not limited to the sale for personal or household consumption: utilization by stores,cooperative ,and other retailers; the sale from displayed merchandise which may not be for personal or household use ; and renting goods to the general public  except amusement or recreation goods such as books , bicycles and others .

Retail activities in the municipality include cars, furniture, heavy machinery and equipment, glass and aluminium, computers and computer parts, tools, appliances, medicines, photo supplies, auto parts, household products, school and office supplies and basic goods.

Again, it should be emphasized that any retailers also double as repair or installation shops. This multiple economic activity function seems to be a trademark of many retailers and service shops and should be viewed as an indicator of apparently good economic performance and outlook of the municipality in general. This may mean that business is brisk so as to permit diversification of functions or a positive index of the business acumen of Cainta residents.

Retail stores or sai-sari stores – like in any highly built-up areas, are ubiquitous and can be found in every residential communities, inside all classes of subdivisions and practically at every corner of secondary roads and side streets.

Service sector – reinforcing the retail trade is the service sector.the service sector are categorized into three types: business, recreation and personal. Service establishments are likewise located along the commercial strips and thoroughfares traversing Cainta, intermingling with other commercial activities and industrial firms. Their presence in the area can also be described as ubiquitous.


Personal Services – roughly three-fourth  of the service sector are into personal services. Majority  of such services sighted in Cainta are restaurants, fast foods, canteens and other eating and drinking places. The next most numerous kind of service  is consists of apartments, lodging and boarding houses and rooming places together with dress shops, beauty parlors, shoe repair stores, and the like. Other available personal services are photo studios, party needs, optical shops, funeral and memorial homes and travel agencies.

Business Services – It was observed that the predominating business services in Cainta are machine works, vulcanizing car care shops, electrical and electronic repair shops. Next are computers, upholstery services, office tasks such as photo copying, typing and mimeographing services; publishing, printing and advertising and junkshops. Others are landscaping work, cargo, freight, trucking, forwarders,, transport, car rental services, accounting and tax services, manpower services and An abattoir.

Recreational Services – recreation services increases in number of establishments such as malls, cinemas, billiard halls, amusement centers, bowling lanes, gymnasium, sports houses and music studios.

Wholesale – The wholesale trade involves the resale of new and used goods to retailers, shop owners,and small traders, industrial, commercial and professional users and other whole salers. There are approximately more than 500 trading, marketing and cooperative establishments present in Cainta dealing in the wholesale trade of basic commodities, household goods, industrial products and parts thereof, to scrap metals and junks.

Real Estate – One of the prime movers of the national economy is the real estate industry, especially during the construction boom in the mid-1980’s and up to this present.  The construction boom was heavily felt in the municipality of Cainta where residential subdivisions mushroomed almost simultaneously. Subdivision developed in Cainta started tapering off 1990 when there were 12 subdivisions being developed which dramatically went down to only two subdivision projects in 1991. In 1992, only two subdivision projects were registered at the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB). This downtrend in subdivision development reflects the dwindling land resources of the municipality and its highly built-up character.

In spite of this, establishments engaged in real estate continue to operate in Cainta. There are about 186 establishments classified under this category which include realtors and developers, agents and appraisers, lessors of real property, planners, brokers, operators and managers and builders, suppliers and contractors.



1        Mitsubishi Motors Phils.

2        Teletech Customer Care Management Phils., Inc.

3        Monde M.Y. San Corporation

4        Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

5        Diamind Motor Corporation

6        Monde Nissin Corporation

7        Amcor Tobacco Packaging Rizal Corp.

8        Saturn Cement Marketing Corporation

9        Genosi, Inc.

10      Yihrong Trading Corporation

11      Ilyon Industrial Corporation

12      Super Shopping Market

13      Midland Steel  Corporation

14      Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation

15      Mercury Drug Corporation

16      Robinson’s Supermarket Corporation

17      E & L Faster Food Imports, Inc.

18      Puregold Price Club, Inc.

19      Rizal Autozone Inc.

20      Sanford Marketing Corporation

21      STI Education Services Group

22      Pax Asiana Realty and Development Corporation

23      Holcim Philippines,Inc.

24      Bonpack Corporation

25      Anson Marketing and Commercial Inc.

26      Abenson Ventures Inc.

27      Mitejari Enterprise Corp.

28      JTKC Land, Inc.

29      CVC Supermart, Inc.

30      Famous World Aluminum & Glass Sales Corp.

31      Mercury Drug Corp.

32      Smothkline Beecham Research Limited

33      Sta. Lucia East Department Store

34      Puregold Pricw Club,Inc.

35      Mercury Drug Corporation

36      Family Health and Beauty

37      NCH Phils, Inc.

38      Golden Archers Development Corporation

39      LF (Philippines), Inc.

40      Sta. Lucia East Commercial Corporation

41      Abenson Ventures, Inc.

42      Golden Archers Development Corporation

43      TD Resources Philippines, Inc.

44      Cainta Connection Food Exchange

45      Shine Bee Foods Corp.

46      Mercury Drug Corporation

48      Jag’s Commercial

49      Metro Paper Converter Phil.Corporation

50      Abacus Book And Card Corp.

51      Eastbay Automotive, Inc.

52      Abacus Book & Card Corp.

53      Mercury Drug Corporation

54      Golden Arches Dev. Corp.

55      Robinson’s Land Corporation

56      Philfoam Furnishing Industies, Inc.

57      Western Grand Central Co. Inc.

58      Bradphil, Inc.

59      First Cainta Resources Corp.

60      Avon Cosmetics, Inc.

61      ETSI Technologies, Inc.

62      Carpetworld Mfg. Corp.

63      Genict Meat Distribution  Corp.

64      Medical City Marikina Clinic

65      Workshop Express, Inc. (branch)

66      Golden Archhes Development Corp.

67      Kalinisan Chemicals Corp.

68      MFYF Restaurant

69      Tropical Hut Food  Market, Inc.

70      Ceramic Plaza, Inc. (Federal Hardware)

71      Sta. Lucia East Supermarket Corporation

72      Pilipino Cable Corporation

73      Ever Plus Superstore, Inc.

74      Union Galvasteel Corporation

75      AB Leisure Exponent, Inc.

76      San Andres Producers Corp.

77      Puregold Price Club, Inc.

78      BF Corporation

79      Olympic Village Enterprise, Inc.

80      Goldilocks Bakeshop, Inc.

81      Jolibee Foods Corporation

82      Epicurian Partners Exchange , inc.

83      Jolly George Blooming Food Corp.

84      Rustan’s Supercenter,  Inc.

85      Exponent Controls & Electrical Corp.

86      Fresh N’ Famous Foods, Inc.

87      Service Partners Inc.

88      Chow- Country Foods Inc.

89      Empire East Land Holdings, Inc.

90      Chicago Garments

91      R.D. Samaniego Roofing Corp.

92      Jolibee Foods Corporation

93      Manchego Cheeze Food Exchange Inc.

94      Outdoor Asia Advertising

95      Exo Armoring Company, Inc.

96      Super Industrial Corp.

97      DHY Realty & Development Inc.

98      Sta Lucia East Realty & Development Inc.

99      Max’s Makati Inc.

100     Wenphil Corporation


Ortigas Ave. Extension

Robinson Place  Level 2 and 3

534 Gracia St. Marick Subdivision

Felix Ave. (former Walter Garments)

Marcos Hi-Way

Marick Subdivision

Gate 3 Steniel Compound

JG Garcia St. Youngstown Ave.

Felix Ave.

City Industrial Compd. Felix Ave.

 16A Bowling St. St. Francis Subd.

Felix Ave.

Guijo St. , St. Anthony Subd.

Felix Ave.

Q. Plaza  Felix  Ave.

Ortigas Ave. Ext.

332  Pentecost St. , St. Gregory Village

Unit GS 25 and MS 25 Q. Plaza Felix Ave.

Km. 22 Ortigas Ave. Cainta Rizal

Ardi III Com. Complex A. Bonifacio Ave.

Ortigas Ave., Extension

Rm.205 J&F Bldg. V.V. Soliven Ave.

 Km. 17 Ortigas Ave. Ext.

Don Celso Tuazon Ave.Valley Golf

Unit GS 37Q. Plaza Comm’l Felix Ave.

Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

CIC Compound Felix Ave.

Winston Compound, Felix Ave.

Town & Country Exec. Village

F.P. Felix Ave. Ext.

69 A. Bonofacio Ave.

Don C. Tuason  Ave.

Felix Ave. cor. Marcos Hi-Way

Junction A. Bonifacio Ave.

69 A. Bonofacio Ave.

2nd Level  Ph. 2 Sta. Lucia East Mall

19&20 North Ortigas Ave.Ext.

A. Bonifacio Ave.

Km 17 Ortigas Ave. Ext.

Marcos Highway cor. Felix Ave.

Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

Ortigas Ave. Ext.St. Anthony Subd.

Bldg. 2 Mercedes Business Park

Ardi 3 Commercial Comp’l Felix Ave.

Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

Spaces GO2 Rublou A.Bonifacio Ave.

B12 Greenland Subd.

Mercedes Business Park

Ground Level Sta. Lucia East Mall

Km 19 Ortigas Ave. Ext.

Space 22 Q. Plaza Complex

Sta. Lucia East  Grand  Mall

Sta. Lucia East  Grand  Mall

Robinson’s Big R Ortigas Ave. Ext.

Km 23 Ortigas Ave. Ext.

SLEGM Basement Lev. III

CIC Compound Felix Ave.

Felix Ave.

2nd Flr. Rublou Business Center

Mercedes Business Park

Mercedes Village Sapang Buli

A. Bonifacio cor. Buenmar

SLEGM Felix Ave. San Isidro

Sta East Grand Mall

 Sumulong High Way San Isidro

Bldg. I Cainta Business Center

Sumulong High Way San Isidro

Felix Ave. Cor Marcos Highway

Felix Ave.

Marcos Highway cor Felix Ave.

1000 Ipil St. St. Anthony Subd.

688 A. Bonifacio Ave. San Juan

Warehouse 1B Mercedes Business

2nd Flr.Bldg. 1 Sta. Lucia East Mall

Rm. 203 Ortigas Ave.

Brookside Hills Ortiga Ave. , Ext.

Km 17 Ortigas Ave. Ext

 2nd Flr. Sta. Lucia East Mall

Sta Lucia East Mall

Ortigas Ave. Ext. cor Valley Golf

Gnd. Flr. III Sta Lucia East Mall

Sta. Lucia East Mall

Rublou Market Place Greenland Subdivision

Unit 202 Ortigas Royale Center Ortigas Ext.

Sta Lucia Grand Mall

Unit 302 Ortigas Royale Center Ortigas Ext.

Gnd. Flr. Sta Lucia East Mall

Blk. 22-29 Kabisig Floodway

Lot 1 Sitiio Dilain

1088 Ortigas Ave. Ext.

Makro Compound Felix Ave.

Level 1 Robinsons Place Ortigas Ave. Ext.

B6 L15 Villa Olympia Townhomes

Ayusta Bldg. Halang Marcos Hi-way

Bgy. Sti Domingo

Bgy. San Andres

4 Flr. Bldg.2 Sta Lucia East Mall

3rd Flr. Bldg. 3 Sta Lucia East Mall

Sta Lucia East Grand Mall

Banking and Finance – The presence of multiple banking and financial institutions in an area is also a manifestation of a progressive economy. In Cainta, approximately 337 assorted establishments are subsumed in this class such as commercial and saving banks, financing and lending corporations, mortgage and credit institutions, security dealers, pawnshops and money changers.

List of Rural Banks in Cainta:

  1. East West Rural Bank, Inc.

  2. Insular Savers Bank, Inc.

  3. Quezon Capital Rural Bank, Inc.

  4. Rural Bank of Cardona

  5. Rizal Bank, Inc. A. Microfinance-Oriented Rural Bank

  6. AMA Bank-Cainta Branch (Ventures Bank)

Insurance – The last category ofcommercial activities is insurance. This class encompasses insurance carriers, agents, brokers of all kinds, life and non-life plans, pre-need plans such as educational trust funds and memorial plans and privately set-up pension funds. Around seven such establishments are operating in Cainta.

Industrial Sector – The industrial sector is very important in the economic life of Cainta. If the lifeblood that flows in the area economy is the commercial activities, then the industrial sector provides the muscle. Around 345 manufacturing industries exist in Cainta. Undestandably, there are no mining or quarrying industries  in the municipality.