There are eight members of the SB as prescribed by the LGC who have been elected at large by the qualified voters of Cainta in general elections. Additional members were taken in by the SB, again as prescribed by the LGC and these are the president of the local chapter of the “Liga ng mga Barangay” and the president of the local federation of the Sangguniang Kabataan to represent the barangays and the youth in the SB, respectively.



  1. LINCOLN FELIX (1st Termer)
  2. ALLAN TAJUNA (3rd Termer)
  3. RURU FERRIOLS (1st Termer)
  4. KAY ILAGAN (1st Termer)
  5. BUTCH TOLENTINO (3rd Termer)
  6. ACE SERVILLON (3rd Termer)
  7. GILBERT IGTIBEN (3rd Termer)
  8. EDWIN CRUZ (1st Termer)

As the local legislative body, the SB enacts ordinances, approves resolutions and appropriate funds for the general welfare of Cainta and its inhabitants, and in the proper exercise of the corporate powers of the municipality. Accordingly, the SB among others:


1) Approves ordinances and passes resolutions necessary for an efficient and effective municipal governance;

2) Generates and maximizes the use of resources and revenues for the development plans, program objectives and priorities of the municipality.

3) Grants franchises, enacts ordinances authorizing the issuance of permits or licenses levying taxes, fees and charges upon such conditions and for such purposes intended to promote the general welfare of the Cainta residents.

4) Regulates activities relative to the use of lands, buildings and structures within Cainta in order to promote the general welfare; and

5) Approves ordinances which ensures the efficient and effective delivery of basic services and facilities.


Cainta has the following regular SB committees;

1)         Rules and Ordinances;

2)         Finance and Appropriations;

3)         Public Works and Highways;

4)         Health and Social Services;

5)         Education, Culture and Sports;

6)         Commerce, Trade and Industry;

7)         Peace and Order; and

8)         Ways and Means


The additional SB members are:

1)         Barangay Affairs, and

2)         Youth and Sports Development


The abovementioned regular committees are headed by a chair with member each.

The current SB also created nine special committees, to wit;

1)         Women’s Affairs

2)         Urban Poor, Indigenous Cultural minorities, Disabled Persons

3)         Boundary Disputes

4)         Anti-Drug Addiction

5)         Inventory Audit

6)         Human Resources

7)         Human Settlements

8)         Market and Slaughter Houses

9)         Good Government, Public Ethics and Accountability

10)       Games and Amusement

Apparently, the SB has chosen not to name representatives of the sectors of women, workers and the urban poor or disabled persons, as prescribed by the LGC and simply created special committees to look into their welfare and concerns.