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October 14, 2022

To kick off the start of her term, newly elected Mayor Elen Nieto, finally implemented her segregation and recycling program primarily targeting plastics.

Plastics Bin Distritbution.jpeg
Plastics Bin Distribution 2.jpeg

Even before the start of her term, and while still the president of the Filinvest East Homeowner’s Association, Mayor Elen already launched the segregation of plastics back in February 2022. This project is now made available to various villages and sitios in Cainta via several Plastics Recycling Bins distributed for free. 

The plastics collected were previously handed over to Basic Environmental & Systems Technologies (BEST), but with the recent partnership with Holcim Philippines, all of the plastics collected are now turned over to it. 

“The solution to our waste problems lies in each resident’s effort. Segregation should start at the source, at the household level. Managing household waste also calls for behavioral changes, and Cainta will provide the structure and infrastructure to support the behavioral changes” – Mayor Elen Nieto

No. 73 A. Bonifacio Ave., Brgy. Sto. Domingo,

Cainta, Rizal, 1900

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